Designing a website can be a big step for your business. Now you’ve got a home page, a command center that you can help you both market and monitor your product. But, before you sit back and let your website start raking in cash, there is one last thing you need to check up on. Via any smartphone, check out your site and make sure it’s mobile friendly. If you don’t know what that means or think something may be off, then listen up as we break down the importance of having mobile friendly websites.

Unfriendly Sites

A mobile unfriendly site is probably familiar to many of us. Think back to when smartphones were first on the market and you tried to access your favorite sites. The site needed magnifying, links were hard to locate, and the scale of things seemed off. Sites like this might have been acceptable 8-10 years ago, but these days, a mobile unfriendly site can kill your online traffic. If you are designing a new site or looking to upgrade your current one, then time is of the essence.

Mobile Friendly Benefits

Having a mobile friendly website means that you are accessible. Without one, you are unintentionally cutting off your customers from your product. Making the change to a mobile friendly site not only means that customers can complete their transactions more quickly, but that they can also have a more enjoyable and streamlined experience. Aesthetic or design choices of this nature are far more impactful that you might initially think and could make the difference between making or losing a sale. At JAS Agency, we work with clients both big and small to create mobile friendly websites. If you are looking to upgrade your site and stay competitive, please feel free to contact us!