In today’s world, we have been spoiled by the creation and usage of supercomputers like IBM’s Watson, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa. We take for granted the fact that many of us carry the highest levels of computing capabilities right in our pockets as we go out to work each day. Now, it is handy to have these systems set up reminders or help us find a restaurant, but on a different level, AIs are transforming the way we interact with products and businesses. If companies want to get ahead and stay ahead, it would be smart to understand how artificial intelligence marketing is changing the way we look at advertisements. Marketing is data-driven. And with AIs now being included in marketing campaigns and advertisements, the data that we can gather is even more telling. Companies like Adobe and Salesforce have mastered cognitive marketing which means that their platforms are independently able to understand the successes and consequences of its own actions. With technology like this, an AI is able to learn, grow, and adapt from the data it collects without needing further instruction or oversight. Future campaigns would be able to learn from mistakes and continue to capitalize on successes. More than that, AIs are able to be the driving force behind more interactive advertisements. Companies have made headway with personalized ads on social media or through search engine data, but AIs are now able to generate completely original and interactive content based off of the preferences of a user. Ads of this nature are far more effective at conversion as interaction with a finely tailored message attracts people better than a pop-up or sidebar ad. It may still be some time before small and medium sized businesses are able to take full advantage of artificial intelligence marketing, but it is still important to stay up to date on these trends. AIs will continue to transform our world in the years to come and learning to integrate their capabilities into a marketing plan will yield incredible results. For more marketing news and tips on the latest business trends, check out the other posts we have on our blog! And for specific questions or inquires, please feel free to contact us!