Getting to know Advertising Law

Marketing lies at the heart of attracting new customers. Good advertising increases conversions and spreads your brand to new potential customers. However, it is always important to make sure that any and all ads stay compliant with the rules and regulations that now surround marketing. Today we are going to break down a few of the things that you need to remember so that your marketing always stays compliant with FTC law. Basics The most essential part of advertising law is that the messages you share have to be truthful. This may seem like common sense, but it may seem easy […]

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Utilizing Video Marketing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth even more. Video marketing is quickly becoming the established way to release ads and any business that maintains a regular social media presence needs to make sure they are producing regular video content. Let’s take a quick look at the factors behind video marketing and break down how to do it best. The Benefits Videos and other shareable content is the key to attracting new viewers to your company. A video on a landing page can boost overall conversion by nearly 80 percent and people are four […]

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Artificial Intelligence Marketing

In today’s world, we have been spoiled by the creation and usage of supercomputers like IBM’s Watson, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa. We take for granted the fact that many of us carry the highest levels of computing capabilities right in our pockets as we go out to work each day. Now, it is handy to have these systems set up reminders or help us find a restaurant, but on a different level, AIs are transforming the way we interact with products and businesses. If companies want to get ahead and stay ahead, it would be smart to understand how […]

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Digital Marketing for Restaurants

Back in the day, a restaurant used to earn its place by having good food and quality customer service. While those things are still important today, any restaurant that wants to last more than a few months also needs to have a strong online presence. Turnover in the food industry can be high, but with some concentrated effort and a bit of know-how, any restaurant can increase its chances for finding success. Digital marketing for restaurants is actually easier than it sounds, and today we have put together a few tips to get you on your way. Google Accounts The […]

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Digital Marketing Constants

Marketing is constantly evolving. To succeed in this fast paced world, you have to be ready to adapt to new platforms and ever-changing strategies. However, while digital marketing is an evolving field, there are some constants that if properly utilized, will form a strong foundation for any present or future marketing campaign. Let’s explore some digital marketing constants and see how your business can start taking advantage of them. Data-Driven Marketing No matter how things change, you are going to need analytics behind your marketing campaigns. The setting of goals and KPIs are crucial before any new push and you […]

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Working with Negative Social Media Reviews

Your social media account is a great place to advertise your brand and easily engage with customers. However, anyone who has ever managed a social media page can tell you that customer conversation and feedback isn’t always positive. When faced with negative social media reviews, what are we supposed to do? Deleting a negative comment ignores a possibly legitimate concern and disregarding the comment entirely leaves an unaddressed black mark on your page. At JAS Agency, we realize that businesses need to be prepared for these sorts of situations, so we’ve put together a list of the things you need […]

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Digital Marketing Tips for Business Growth

Digital marketing used to be an incredible tool for businesses to advertise on platforms that their competitors never considered. However, these days, any company that wants to even stay competitive needs to have a strong digital marketing presence if they don’t want to fall behind. At JAS, we recognize that companies need digital marketing strategies and make a point of staying on the cutting edge of each new trend. So, for anyone just getting started or those looking to revise their current strategies, we have put together a list of digital marketing tips that your business can do to stay in […]

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Getting to Know Email Marketing

You need digital marketing. But, you may find yourself wondering where to start. The answer to that question is actually right in your inbox. Email marketing is an efficient way to ensure customer loyalty and brand recognition by means of regular advertising, business requests, and sales updates. An email marketing campaign will also allow you to cut down on costs that come along with traditional marketing methods. With just a few simple steps, you can market your product to those who are far more likely to be interested in your services. Understanding the Benefits The digital nature of email completely removes […]

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What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Your business has a target audience. There is a specific demographic out there that you are trying to market to and all of your advertising is directed towards reaching that specific group. The hope is that your ad copy is so effective that people will begin to seek out your product, but there are no guarantees that you will be able to reach that target audience. On top of that, finding the right medium to reach your audience can be a difficult process. Should you go with print ads? Social media? Email? Would a billboard work better than a TV […]

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The Battle of Print vs. Digital Media

Print is dead right? After all, when was the last time you read through an entire leaflet that you found on your windshield? It may have been a while since you remember reading a handout, but the same thing could likely be said about an e-mail advertising a new product or service. With advertising, the question isn’t so much about print vs. digital. The question is about being able connect the material to your potential customers. With that lens, the question of digital vs. print isn’t which medium is best, but which medium will help your ad campaigns to connect […]

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