Print is dead right? After all, when was the last time you read through an entire leaflet that you found on your windshield? It may have been a while since you remember reading a handout, but the same thing could likely be said about an e-mail advertising a new product or service. With advertising, the question isn’t so much about print vs. digital. The question is about being able connect the material to your potential customers. With that lens, the question of digital vs. print isn’t which medium is best, but which medium will help your ad campaigns to connect most effectively. Today, we would like to discuss the differences that do exist between digital and print media in order to better determine which medium is right for your audience.

Print Media

People often see the rate at which technology is evolving and assume that the digital world will likely replace print media entirely. However, this assumption is not based in reality. In fact, over 50% of millennials prefer print to digital media. Pros
  • Digital media is more conducive to deep reading.
  • Having the physical object gives the potential customer a reminder to contact your company or purchase your product.
  • The process of distribution can be more personal though booths at county fairs, sporting events, concerts, etc.
  • The cost of paper and distribution can be steep.
  • Distributing print materials at the wrong event can lead to people throwing your advertisements away.

Digital Media

Digital media is cost-effective and it’s on the cutting edge of technology. It’s a great tool, but the competition of digital media can be much steeper than the competition you will face with print media. As such, digital media requires more creativity and ingenuity to set your advertisement apart from the rest. Pros
  • You never run out of a digital file. You can spread it as far and wide as you would like without incurring extra printing costs.
  • Digital media can be more interactive through videos, surveys, etc.
  • With Google and Facebook it is much easier to find target audiences.
  • Digital media can be quickly forgotten as customers keep scrolling through their timeline.
  • Digital media isn’t free. While costs are generally lower, the more you do to set your advertisement apart, the more money will likely be required.
Whatever medium you choose, the point is to make the best advertisement possible. We here at JAS Agency have a team of specialists trained in both digital and print media and look forward to helping you create your best campaign yet.