Digital marketing used to be an incredible tool for businesses to advertise on platforms that their competitors never considered. However, these days, any company that wants to even stay competitive needs to have a strong digital marketing presence if they don’t want to fall behind. At JAS, we recognize that companies need digital marketing strategies and make a point of staying on the cutting edge of each new trend. So, for anyone just getting started or those looking to revise their current strategies, we have put together a list of digital marketing tips that your business can do to stay in the loop.

Shareable Content

It is absolutely essential for a business to continually create content. Whether it’s a blog, social media campaign, e-book series, or string of webinars, you need to consistently release content that will attract viewers to your product. The simplest way to do this is to think of the ways that your customers interact with your product. Then, simply find the medium that will give you the most face-time with them. Whatever you end up choosing, just remember that easily shareable content is going to attract new customers while solidifying your pre-existing customer base.


Retargeting campaigns are designed to attract customers who have already shown a prior interest in your product. If someone has made multiple visits to your website, signed up for a newsletter, or bought a product in the past, then you are going to want to capitalize on this demographic. Offering discounts or other benefits to your already interested customers lets you easily take advantage of already expressed interest without much additional work on your part.

Landing Pages

If someone clicks on one of your ads, you want to redirect them towards a page directly related to what you were advertising in the first place. Simply routing them to your home page might not be the best option if your advertisement described a specific product or service. Instead, you are going to want a series of dedicated landing pages that clearly outline what the customer was looking for in the first place. These sorts of landing pages help lead to greater conversion rates and can also contribute to a higher overall CTR.


SEO is an incredibly helpful tool when it comes to digital marketing and one of the most overlooked portions of optimization is metadata. Metadata is a brief description that appears underneath the title of a webpage on a search engine. It is easy to overlook this description, but it is actually the first thing that most potential customers will see when they search for your business. Make sure that every page has a metadata description that is also optimized for that page’s specific keyword. Digital marketing is constantly evolving and these are just a few basic tips to keep you in the game. For more on making your business shine online, check out our other posts and learn everything from the latest trends to the basics of graphic design.