Your social media account is a great place to advertise your brand and easily engage with customers. However, anyone who has ever managed a social media page can tell you that customer conversation and feedback isn’t always positive. When faced with negative social media reviews, what are we supposed to do? Deleting a negative comment ignores a possibly legitimate concern and disregarding the comment entirely leaves an unaddressed black mark on your page. At JAS Agency, we realize that businesses need to be prepared for these sorts of situations, so we’ve put together a list of the things you need to do to address negative social media reviews.

Solution Oriented Responses

Just like in any relationship, if there is an argument, both sides should start working towards a solution as soon as possible. Merely responding with an apology may seem like the fastest way to kick dirt on the fire, but there are more effective methods. Proactively respond to negative comments and try to understand where the disgruntled customer is coming from. After sincerely empathizing, begin an open conversation where you try to create a mutually beneficial solution. It might not be the same thing every time, but a digitally-sent understanding smile and a helping hand will go a long way.

Dilute Bad Reviews

While you search for solutions to negative comments, you are also going to want to find a way to still have overwhelmingly positive messages on your site. Part of this is obviously going to involve a high level of customer service and a quality product, but the other half is going to include finding ways for your current customers to demonstrate their satisfaction and appreciation. Posts that engage people with a product allows them to share their voices and advertise in a way that you never could. Whenever possible, look for ways to help your users share their thoughts and feelings about your product.

Updates for Bad Reviews

Almost as important as resolving a customer’s concern is showing that you have resolved the concern together. This will come naturally if you reach a solution through a comments thread that others can see, but often you will resolve things through emails, direct messages, or a phone call. If this is the case, reach out to the customer and invite them to post a new review that acknowledges the fact that you were able to fix things together. Updated reviews will help you appear transparent and more than willing to go the extra mile to address concerns. At JAS Agency, we specialize in managing social media accounts and giving you the tools you need to succeed online. For more on social media marketing, check out our blog or contact us directly to set up a meeting!