There is a surging market for startups especially when it comes to the tech industry. In every major city across the nation, you are sure to find a growing community of small businesses that are beginning to compete with larger name brands. However, not every startup has what it takes to make the move from garages to office spaces. As a newer company ourselves, we here at JAS Agency are intimately aware of what small businesses need to succeed and to help you get the ball rolling, we’ve put together a few startup tips.

Be Lean AND Mean

The business world is tough and any new startup has to be ready to adapt. You might have an amazing product, but you have to be ready to struggle when it comes to getting customers. Find your target audience and start advertising to anyone who might even be potentially interested. Reaching a wide audience when you are a small business will give you plenty of options for expansion as your business model grows.

Speed and Size

Startups don’t have the resources and raw power of larger businesses, but they do have the ability to more specifically hone in on a client’s interests. When you start small, use your size to your advantage. Advertise your willingness to completely devote yourselves to a campaign and then produce the results that impress. In this way, you’ll develop a strong network of clients that can refer you to even more opportunities in the future.

Right Attitude

Once the adrenaline and enthusiasm of starting a business start to wear off, it is easy to grow weary of the struggles associated with a startup. This is the point where you need to keep pushing forward. Finding clients and developing new products takes time and it will do you well to view everything as a stepping stone towards overall growth. Keeping the right mindset as you try to transition towards bigger clients will help your team stay motivated and enthusiastic.

Competitive Pricing

Often you have to make sacrifices when it comes a start-up and your pricing model is no exception. Smaller businesses just don’t always have the clout to charge industry prices although this is something you can use this to your advantage. Sell yourself as a leaner, cheaper alternative to the more established industry names. When a client is faced with a choice between two companies that provide similar services, they will often choose the more cost-effective one. Then, as you begin to establish yourself, your pricing model can rise to meet your adjusted expenses. These are just a few start-up tips that can help a new business. For more on getting your ideas off the ground, check out our blog or feel free to contact us for a consultation!