Back in the day, a restaurant used to earn its place by having good food and quality customer service. While those things are still important today, any restaurant that wants to last more than a few months also needs to have a strong online presence. Turnover in the food industry can be high, but with some concentrated effort and a bit of know-how, any restaurant can increase its chances for finding success. Digital marketing for restaurants is actually easier than it sounds, and today we have put together a few tips to get you on your way.

Google Accounts

The first thing you need to do is get registered for a Google account. Not only will this give you access to things like Adwords, Analytics, and Webmaster Tools, but it will also let you sign yourself up for Google Business. Through this service, you can enter your business’s information just once and then have it show up across all of Google’s services. With just a few minutes of work, you can make sure that anyone who searches for your business online immediately finds things like your address, hours, and menu.

Online Engagement

These day, you need to find a way to have a consistent conversation with your customers. Social media is the simplest way to accomplish this as it is a great tool for bringing in new customers while keeping existing ones happy. Regularly posting updates, sharing pictures of new products, or offering coupons and deals will establish a brand loyalty that is hard to get any other way. Make good use of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to keep the conversation about your product going.


When it comes to choosing a new restaurant, the reviews on Yelp or similar services are often the final decider. Do your very best to invite customers to leave reviews and provide the services that will make sure you consistently receive positive feedback. For tips on how to handle negative feedback, check out a helpful post by clicking here.

Winning Website

Postings on Google and Yelp are crucial, but in the end, you need a strong website. Creating a website can be a time-intensive process, but it will help represent your brand and give you a strong foundation for attracting future customers. Be willing to put in the effort for a website early and you will start to see the rewards faster than you might think. At JAS Agency, we have have worked with dozens of restaurants to create websites and specialize in digital marketing for restaurants. For help getting your restaurant ready for digital marketing, contact us today!