What is Social Media Marketing?

The world of marketing is constantly evolving. Businesses have to continually come up with new strategies to stay competitive and everyone is looking for the next big thing. Radio and print used to be the kings of advertising, but as the 80s taught us, “Video Killed the Radio Star.” So, with marketing techniques coming and going, companies need to invest resources in newer techniques if they want to keep reaching the same audience. How can you do this? Let us tell you. Social media marketing refers to ad campaigns that are tailored to work with specific social media outlets. With the recent popularity of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it makes sense to start taking advantage of these mediums. However, each one of these sites attract a different type of user. To reach your audience, you are going to need videos, pictures, and blogs to supplement the usual print campaigns. This means that when it comes to each social media outlet, you need to specifically tailor your message. You will not only need to match the format of the outlet in question, but also create a message that can actually reach your target audience. This can be the hard part as social media marketing requires more than just one good piece of copy. To be truly effective, you are going to need several pieces of content to go out every single week! This is where JAS steps in. We have a dedicated team of social media experts who work alongside you to craft creative, innovative, and pertinent content that will get your business’s name out to thousands. Furthermore, we offer analytic services that will help us better understand what kind of content brings the greatest amount of traffic, and ultimately revenue, to your business. Let us help.