What’s the best way for a company to be heard in a fast moving competitive market? If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to attract the necessary exposure for your brand or company, then maybe it is time to move away from traditional marketing and try something new. The revolution of digital marketing allows small and medium sized businesses to gain greater exposure while pinpointing a target audience all at a low cost. Considering Facebook alone has reached 1.79 billion monthly active users, it makes sense that so many companies are seeking to tap into different marketing avenues. People spend a lot of time on the internet, therefore it’s necessary to bring your business to this new medium. Social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter work as platforms for business owners to advertise to people with interests relevant to their products and services. So, not only is digital marketing going to guarantee a lot of interested people hearing about your company, it will also cut the costs associated with old-fashioned print campaigns.

Spend Smarter

These newer methods are not only more effective than the majority of traditional marketing methods, but more affordable as well. According to Gartner’s Digital Marketing Spend Report, 40% of individuals surveyed state that they collected substantially larger savings by implementing digital marketing methods. In another study conducted by IPSOS Hong Kong, results show a 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy for companies that utilize digital marketing methods. With the typically limited resources available to small and medium business owners, you cannot ignore inexpensive digital marketing services. Our job here at JAS is to get you the most exposure for the lowest price. Using a number of different SEO techniques and keyword optimization, we are able to bridge the gap between your company and potential customers. This way, we ensure that the greatest amount of interested consumers hear about your services. So why delay? For greater exposure at a lower cost, contact us today.