If you think it’s time to create a website for your growing business, you may be at a loss for where to start. GoDaddy stepped into the public eye with their Super Bowl advertisements, but they have since stepped out of the website creation limelight. While less publicized, WordPress and Squarespace have quickly become two of the most popular website builders on the market. WordPress reportedly powers about 23% of all websites on the internet and Squarespace isn’t far behind that. As such, we want to break down these different platforms and give you the knowledge you need to make the right choice and launch your own site.


Perhaps the biggest key to WordPress’s popularity is the extensive customization of their services. WordPress is an open source platform, meaning that anyone with the know-how is able to use their source code to utilize unique website tools (called plug-ins) or site designs (called themes) to create a website. This unique challenge of creating something new and special has caused hundreds of thousands of web developers to create every tool you could ever dream of having on your website. The plug-ins and themes created by independent developers can be downloaded by you for your site. Some of the tools are free and others must be purchased. While the general rule, “you get what you pay for,” typically applies to these plug-ins, there are some diamonds in the rough as far as free add-ons are concerned. As such, it is best to consult with someone who is familiar with WordPress if you plan on using it as your website builder. However, even with the purchase of some premium plug-ins, the cost of WordPress is tough to beat.


Squarespace isn’t known for flexibility the same way that WordPress is; they just don’t carry all of the same features found on WordPress. Instead, Squarespace draws its customers from the tech-savvy, those who want to build their own websites. The reason these tech-savvy individuals are paying more for Squarespace is that it comes with top-notch customer support. With just a few clicks, you have access to everything from live chat to tutorials and videos. That way, if you get hung up on something, the resources are there to help you fix it. The resources for fixing a WordPress problem amount to forums or a third-party who built or maintain your website. However, the fact that the tech-savvy turn to Squarespace doesn’t mean that it is much harder to use than WordPress. In fact, some people tout Squarespace as the easier-to-use option. All things considered, Squarespace is comparable to WordPress, with better support, but much less flexibility. Weigh your options to determine which route will be easier for you to create a website. If you’re still stuck, feel free to reach out to us at JAS Agency and we can guide you on which path to take.

Other Options To Create A Website

WordPress and Squarespace are the current industry leaders, but there are options available to you. The truth is that there are hundreds of choices, but the most reliable choices are Wix, Godaddy, and Weebly. Wix is another website builder that is focused on flexibility and creativity. It offers a variety of in-depth templates (i.e. instead of just a list of restaurant templates, Wix offers bar, café, catering, etc.). Some people do complain that despite the variety of templates, it is more difficult to modify and individualize a Wix site. GoDaddy is simple. It’s intuitive and the personal plan only offers 50 different themes. It’s also cheap, but we’d say that with the small caveat that GoDaddy is infamous for aggressive upselling. This means that if you are planning on purchasing a plan from them, prepare to see a price much higher than you expected. You’ll have to whittle down all the unnecessary extras that they tack on automatically for you. Weebly is pretty middle of the line as far as reviews and responses go and faces the same general criticisms that most web builders have. However, the big criticism here is that Weebly doesn’t have an undo function. Without that undo function, you have to manually fix any mistakes that you make. Other than that, Weebly will help you create a slick website. Best of luck on your search for the perfect website builder. Remember, if all the options seem overwhelming, JAS is here to help and answer any questions! We specialize in low-cost web development from our trained Utah-based development team. Click here to learn more or here to request a free consultation.