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Working with Negative Social Media Reviews

Your social media account is a great place to advertise your brand and easily engage with customers. However, anyone who has ever managed a social media page can tell you that customer conversation and feedback isn’t always positive. When faced with negative social media reviews, what are we supposed to do? Deleting a negative comment ignores a possibly legitimate concern and disregarding the comment entirely leaves an unaddressed black mark on your page. At JAS Agency, we realize that businesses need to be prepared for these sorts of situations, so we’ve put together a list of the things you need […]

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Digital Marketing Tips for Business Growth

Digital marketing used to be an incredible tool for businesses to advertise on platforms that their competitors never considered. However, these days, any company that wants to even stay competitive needs to have a strong digital marketing presence if they don’t want to fall behind. At JAS, we recognize that companies need digital marketing strategies and make a point of staying on the cutting edge of each new trend. So, for anyone just getting started or those looking to revise their current strategies, we have put together a list of digital marketing tips that your business can do to stay in […]

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Designing A Logo – What You Need To Know

Logos are tough and designing one can be a thorn in the side of any new business. You want to create a sharp, creative design that captures the essence of your business and that also draws people in. Easier said than done, right? So, with the millions of designs out there that already exist, how do you create something truly good? It’s not easy, but we’ve gathered some tips for anyone who is looking for help designing a logo. Let’s get to it. Start With A Real Brainstorm For starters, you need to get your brain churning. What does your […]

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How to Create a Website

If you think it’s time to create a website for your growing business, you may be at a loss for where to start. GoDaddy stepped into the public eye with their Super Bowl advertisements, but they have since stepped out of the website creation limelight. While less publicized, WordPress and Squarespace have quickly become two of the most popular website builders on the market. WordPress reportedly powers about 23% of all websites on the internet and Squarespace isn’t far behind that. As such, we want to break down these different platforms and give you the knowledge you need to make […]

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Learning the Basics of Graphic Design

Graphic design is a bigger part of our world today than we often realize. Whether you’re looking to make the perfect eye catching logo for your business or even a simple and personalized card for a loved one, design is of utmost importance. Good graphic design can lead to increased sales and resonate in the hearts of those who see it. Bad or lackluster graphic designs are often forgettable and can even drive business away. The creative process can be difficult, particularly to those without any previous background in the field. If you find yourself struggling to produce a fitting […]

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Getting to Know Email Marketing

You need digital marketing. But, you may find yourself wondering where to start. The answer to that question is actually right in your inbox. Email marketing is an efficient way to ensure customer loyalty and brand recognition by means of regular advertising, business requests, and sales updates. An email marketing campaign will also allow you to cut down on costs that come along with traditional marketing methods. With just a few simple steps, you can market your product to those who are far more likely to be interested in your services. Understanding the Benefits The digital nature of email completely removes […]

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The Rise of AMP in Web Searches

Take a look at Google’s home page. What catches your eye? Not much. Google has proven that (on the internet at least) simplicity is king. Recently we have seen a trend towards simplicity in page layout, imagery, and even written content. Finally, web developers are getting on board. The Google Developers team has lead the charge in developing AMP HTML, which they describe as “HTML with some restrictions for reliable performance and some extensions for building rich content beyond basic HTML.” (For more on that, click here.) This new type of web design rolled out in 2016, but now it’s […]

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What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Your business has a target audience. There is a specific demographic out there that you are trying to market to and all of your advertising is directed towards reaching that specific group. The hope is that your ad copy is so effective that people will begin to seek out your product, but there are no guarantees that you will be able to reach that target audience. On top of that, finding the right medium to reach your audience can be a difficult process. Should you go with print ads? Social media? Email? Would a billboard work better than a TV […]

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Blogging and your Business

Blogging, or any other writing that is intended to sell a product or service (called copywriting), is the surefire way to grow your website and therefore your business. In fact, frequent blogging is often called the path to rapid growth. If Google’s bots can’t scan and categorize text on your website, then your page can get buried in the constant noise of the internet. Quality content—blogs or other writing—can fix that. It gives Google more content to categorize and pull from when potential clients and customers are searching the web. Unfortunately, not all content is created equal. Just as Google […]

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The Battle of Print vs. Digital Media

Print is dead right? After all, when was the last time you read through an entire leaflet that you found on your windshield? It may have been a while since you remember reading a handout, but the same thing could likely be said about an e-mail advertising a new product or service. With advertising, the question isn’t so much about print vs. digital. The question is about being able connect the material to your potential customers. With that lens, the question of digital vs. print isn’t which medium is best, but which medium will help your ad campaigns to connect […]

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